baselBased in Cairo, Basel Dalloul is the Chairman and CEO of Noor Group, a leader in the field of information technology that provides internet, telephone and video services to over 135 countries across the globe. Dalloul is a recognized authority in IT and was among the initiators of a revolutionary approach to internet services in the Egyptian market. Today, Dalloul remains committed to bringing expanded internet services to underserved areas around the world, specifically in Africa and the Middle East, in an effort to realize these regions’ vast potential. The Ramzi and Basel Dalloul collection is dedicated to Middle Eastern and North African art. It currently stands at over 3500 pieces. 




abrahamBorn in 1971, Abraham Karabajakian founded Loyalty Investments & Insurance in Lebanon in 1997 and Loyalty Insurance Brokers in Romania in 2006. He is the managing partner of both firms. An art collector since his early 20s, in 2010 Karabajakian co-organized and curated the exhibition Pieces for a Museum to raise awareness of the need to create a modern and contemporary art museum in Beirut. In 2012 Karabajakian and his business partner Roger Akoury opened KA Modern and Contemporary Art, a private art collection in Beirut that includes more than 600 works by major modern artists from Lebanon and beyond. He is a Board Member of APEAL—the Association for the Promotion and Exhibition of Arts in Lebanon «—and vice president of the Mare Foundation, Museum of Recent Art» 



tarekTarek Nahas is a business lawyer and seasoned aesthete who happily abandons his duties to his passion: photography.
A collector since 2000, Nahas loves to share his passion with a wider audience, as evidenced in the 2015 exhibition Open Rhapsody, a Journey into Photography and Video Collections at the Beirut Exhibition Center, which he co-curated with Jean-Luc Monterosso (Director of La Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris).