Curated exhibitions


For the fourth year running, SGBL supports emerging artists from across the MENA region with the REVEALING section, in partnership with BEIRUT ART FAIR. This space offers promising talents a privileged access to collectors and fairgoers and creates professional contacts among the various actors present at the fair.

A Museum of Curiosities
in Tribute to Lebanon

This exhibition explores the Western creation inspired by Lebanon since the 18th Century until today, through a selection of artworks and artefacts coming from Philippe Jabre collection, including Warhol, Hockney or Penck, among other artists. Curated by Gaby Daher.

Coming soon


Check out our program of talks and round tables. They aim to promote and highlight the understanding of various regional art scenes in constant evolution.

Coming soon

Kids tour

On the fair enjoy art with your family, dedicated tours will be available for children ages 6–12. Given by education professionnals, the tours are specially designed as introduction to artworks throughout all of the major areas of BEIRUT ART FAIR. Thanks to our partner______ to make these activities possible. 

To register for a tour go to the information desk at the entrance of the fair.

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