Founded in 2010, BEIRUT ART FAIR is an international modern and contemporary art fair with a focus on the artistic scenes of the  Middle East and the Mediterranean basin.

Anchored in Lebanon, BEIRUT ART FAIR is the space for artistic revelations in the region. A major event in the art fair calendar, the fair attracts a growing number of collectors, institutions, art professionals and visitors from around the world, totaling 36,000 entries in 2019.

Due to the events of August 4, 2020 that hit the Lebanese capital, BEIRUT ART FAIR reaffirms in another way its commitment to the discovery of the contemporary art scene of the Middle East, Gulf and Maghreb, by offering the MENART FAIR (Middle East, North Africa) dedicated to artists and galleries of the region. Lebanon has always been a hyperactive artistic hub and a showcase allowing artists to express themselves freely. 

Beirut will recover and will always remain a creative platform where initiatives are multiplying.

The 11th edition of BEIRUT ART FAIR will therefore be announced at a later date.

Multiple projects are being launched in order to rebuild the Lebanese capital as soon as possible and to restore its heritage, both at the level of institutions, museums, contemporary art centers, foundations, galleries…

Consisting of more than 14 million Lebanese throughout the world, the diaspora is active in this direction. Collectors support their artists and contribute to maintain their visibility.

BEIRUT ART FAIR and MENART FAIR give a major place to freedom of expression, dialogue of cultures, innovation, tolerance and to promote the fruitful exchange of ideas which are the core values of our fairs.

Discover our team and our selection committee

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