Month: December 2015


2018 CONFERENCE AND ROUNDTABLE DISCUSSIONS:   Thursday September 20, 2018   04:30pm – 05:30pm: “Collectionner” Moderator: Marine Bougaran, Cultural Development & Projects Manager BEIRUT ART FAIR  Panelists: Joumana Asseily, Gallery owner “Marfa’ “, Lebanon, and Art collector        Florence Bourgeois, Fair director “Paris Photo”, France      Abraham Karabajakian, Art collector Tarek Nahas, Curator of […]

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Byblos Bank Award

BYBLOS BANK AWARD  The Byblos Bank Award for Photography is an efficient platform launched in 2012 to help place emerging Lebanese photographers on the right track for a successful career in artistic photography. Throughout its seven editions: More than 600 photographers submitted nearly 4,000 artistic photographs to the competition; seven different juries composed of international […]

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Curatorial Project

FOCUS ON LEBANESE PHOTOGRAPHY: “ACROSS BOUNDARIES”    Visitors to BEIRUT ART FAIR 2018 had the opportunity to discover just how far Lebanese photography has come over the past century at the Focus exhibition, titled « Across Boundaries ». Laid out over almost 500m2, the exhibition was set to reveal the way in which local talents have broken free […]

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