A.MUSE.UM + Garden party

A.MUSE.UM + Garden party
19/09/2019  9:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Harissa, North of Beirut

8.15 p.m.: Departure by bus in front of Hotel Le Gray (100 pax)

Internationally renowned Lebanese artist Nadim Karam will open the doors of his private studio, A.MUSE.UM, to reveal a survey exhibition of his works. The exhibition is an intimate exploration of the rich symbolism and visual vocabulary developed over four decades of his multidisciplinary practice, which comprises drawings, paintings, sculptures, performance art, and large-scale urban projects.  Guests will also visit Karam’s private art collection of local artists.

Curator : Rachel Dedman


Midnight: Return to Hotel Le Gray (100 pax)

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